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OEM Partners

Project321 is focused on developing long-term, mutually beneficial OEM relationships.  


Project321 worked with Stan’s to develop the M-Pulse hub which was release in early 2022 and shares several common elements with Project321 G3 hubs. At the heart of M-pulse hubs is the magnetic locking engagement system that is manufactured by Project321. M-Pulse freehubs feature six pawls equipped with Neodymium magnets engaging every 1.66° with more force than traditional spring-based pawl designs and less resistance when coasting. With less friction and drag, M-pulse hubs spin more freely to roll further faster, and with less effort. 



Project321 worked with Forge + Bond to develop a customized, co-branded version of the G3 hub that features a black hub shell with an understated matte black logo that is paired with cobalt endcaps and 6-lock flanges.   


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