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6-Lock: An Open Relationship With Brake Standards

Commitment issues? 6-Lock is the new and enhanced version of six bolt with the versatility to run Center Lock. No strings attached.

True Six Bolt Retention

The rotor is fastened to the 6-Lock brake mount using six T25 Torx rotor bolts; no lock ring required.

Stainless Steel Collet

The 6-Lock collet utilizes stainless steel threads completely eliminates thread stripping and significantly improves bolt retention.

7075 Aluminium Flange

The flange supports the stainless steel collet and provides a strong brake mount interface for the rotor.

A Better Approach to Fasteners

6-Lock allows the rotor to sit on the collet posts which eliminates all sheer force on the T25 Torx M4 bolts.

Trail Serviceable

6-Lock has the same trail serviceability as six bolt; all you need is a standard T25 torx tool.

Easy Centerlock Conversion

6-Lock removes in a matter of seconds to give you to a standard Center Lock brake mount.

Colour Matched To Every Hub

Every G3 hub comes with a A colour matched 6-Lock assembly.

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