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Instant, Rock-Solid Engagement

  • 1.25° / 288 Points of Engagement (POE)
  • Eight 3-step pawls phased in teams of two
  • 72-tooth drive ring with oversized teeth 

G3 gives you the ideal balance: instant and rock-solid engagement.

Magnetic Glide Technology

  • Magnetically actuated pawls minimize drag while coasting
  • Fewer moving parts  
  • No easy-to-lose springs

Less drag. Less maintenance.

The Foundation for Strong Wheels

  • Optimized hub geometry to balance spoke tension 
  • Angled flanges create a more direct path for spoke and nipple 
  • Tall flanges maximize torsional stiffness   

The G3 hub shell is the ideal foundation for incredibly stiff, responsive, and reliable wheels.

Patent Pending 6-Lock Technology

  • A new and enhanced six bolt design featuring stainless steel threads  
  • No lock ring, only T25 Torx hardware
  • Easily converts from six bolt to Center Lock  

6-Lock Technology is an improved six bolt design that gives versatility to run Center Lock.

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Updated Axle and Bearing Layout

  • Two double row bearings at the highest stress point on the axle
  • Fine pitch preload adjustment on rear hub
  • Fully anodized 7075 aluminum axles 

Our redesigned axel and bearing assembly delivers long lasting, smooth rolling performance under the most abusive riders, powerful quads, and demanding e-bike motors.

Drive Ring Seal System 

  • New low-drag, light-contact rubber seal
  • Aluminum dust shield

Improved two piece seal system keeps oil in and contaminants out.

Maximizing Compatibility

  • Easily interchangeable drivers offered in HG, XD, and MicroSpline (compatible with HGR and XDR)
  • Universal end cap and bearing configuration across all drivers and axle sizes 
  • Interchangeable 12mm and 15mm front end caps 

G3 hubs are designed to make drive train and endcap conversions simple and straight forward.  

Colour Customization

  • 12 vibrant colours  
  • Mix and Match between shells, endcaps, and 6-Lock

Colour coordinate your hub to add a personal touch to your rig. 

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